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We are a Microsoft partner

We have experience helping customers increase productivity with Microsoft 365. We build our web apps on .NET. Microsoft is the leader in business productivity and we help our customers achieve great results.

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Our business depends on your business. We don't just do projects. We partner with you to use technology to achive your goals. We love to help solve your problems!

We are a Toshiba Global Commerce partner

Toshiba is the leader in retail point-of-sale cash registers. We think you should have the best, most reliable checkout for your customers.

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Who we are

Vicana has been serving customers since 1983.

With 40 years of experience in the retail technology industry, Vicana provides industry leading hardware, software, support, technical and consulting services. Vicana is led by Kevin Rosenzweig, a former CIO and consultant. Kevin began his career as an entrepreneur in QSR at Brandeis University while studying economics and politics. After Brandeis, Kevin earned a MBA at Boston College, and then started his consulting career in the retail practice of Arthur Andersen. As CIO of Me Salvé, Kevin led the IT department and implemented many systems and upgrades. For more information, see Kevin's profile .

Vicana provides IT services to small and medium (SMB) businesses and retailers. Customers come to us to provide cloud services, data center support, hardware and software procurement, desktop support, backup and disaster recovery, security, digital office and many more IT services.

We love to select, implement and support advanced technologies. Vicana can help you reach your goals using its experience in technology, Point-of-Sale (POS), inventory management and planning, customer service, store operations, loss prevention, associate productivity improvement and technical skills.

Vicana was founded in 1981 and opened its doors in the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1983, by husband and wife, Victor and Anavi, who donated the combination of their names to the name of the company.

Vicana is headquartered in San Juan, PR and has an office in Armonk, NY. With both English and Spanish speaking experts, Vicana is prepared to serve a diverse client base.

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